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Proterial America works to make automobiles more comfortable and convenient by supplying a wide variety of electrical components, information and telecommunications components, sensors and various EMC-compliant noise suppression products to prevent diverse electronic equipment from malfunctioning.

Components and Materials for Motors Used in Electrical Equipment

"NMF Series" High-Performance Ferrite Magnets

NMF High-Performance Ferrite Magnets

With ferric oxide as their main component, ferrite magnets are most frequently used in the motors of automotive electrical equipment and feature superior cost performance. NMF Series magnets include not only conventional ferrite magnets, but also the 9B Series high-performance magnet, in which a portion of a conventional Sr ferrite magnet is replaced by lanthanum (La) and cobalt (Co), and the company's new-composition ferrite magnet 12B Series, which delivers the world's highest magnetic strength. The temperature coefficient of the new magnet's intrinsic coercive force has been lowered to achieve little demagnetization even at low temperatures, and it is also resistant to temperature fluctuations. Therefore, it contributes to further reductions in the size of a magnet, thereby minimizing the sizes of motors in which the magnets are applied.

Car Navigation Components and Materials

Sputtering Target Materials for Flat-Panel Displays

Target materials are those used in a thin-film fabrication technology called the "Sputtering Method". Our high-quality target materials are produced with a unique thermal plasma drop refining process in which uniform and high-purity metal can be extracted by letting raw material pass through the plasma heat area. In the near future, the role and importance of the display is expected to expand for car navigation and other functions on the dashboard. Accordingly, Proterial America endeavors to assist automakers from the initial design of component materials to meet diversified customer needs. One such example is the supply of newly developed target materials that form high-reflectance film. Our sputtering target materials are extensively applicable to large-scale liquid crystal displays and organic EL (electro-luminescence) displays.


Isolators are often used for wireless communications equipment such as portable telephones sets. These important components are useful for improving sound quality and reducing data errors with such functions as the stabilization of amplifier operations and noise absorption. Given the extensive adoption of communications systems such as W-CDMA and CDMA 1x. which are the so-called third-generation mobile phones that can handle video pictures, the necessity of stabilizing telecommunications signals is increasingly demanded. In addition, improvements in communication quality are considered increasingly important as automobile onboard communications services such as telematics are spreading. Proterial America' Isolators meet these rising needs and higher performance is pursued through our original circuitry and material designs. These products are lead-free.

Other Components and Materials Used in Other Electrical Equipment

Keyless Entry Antennas

The compact and lightweight antennas for keyless entry allow drivers to lock and unlock with remote controller. We offer remote controller antenna and receiving antennas for vehicles. In recent years, highly functional keyless entry systems have become poplar especially for premium cars not only for locking/unlocking but also fro ON/OFF operation of air conditioners and starting the engine via an immobilizer.

We develop compact and more sensitive antennas that are optimal for a high-performance operating environment with ferrite that excels in receiving sensitivity and amorphous having high impact resistance and temperature.

Noise Suppression Components and Materials

Choke coils for removing motor noises

Choke Coils for Removing Motor Noises

Coil products work to remove noises generated by the brush motor of fan motors and power motors.

"FM-VL series" Common Mode Choke Coils

Common-mode noise refers to the high-frequency noises generated between a power supply line or a signal line and the ground (GND). Common-mode choke coils reduce common-mode noised. Proterial America' common-mode choke coils feature the high permeability and stable temperature characteristics of FINEMET®. Common-mode choke coils are suitable for use in the line noise filters of onboard inverter devices, switching power supplies and signal lines. The main features are strong noise suppression for a wide frequency range and small characteristic variations against temperature change, thereby enabling smaller and lighter choke coils.

FINEMET® Beads Surge Absorber Cores

Proterial America's surge absorber cores can suppress high-level surge current and voltage using small cores due to high flux density and high pulse permeability comparable with the Co-based amorphous material, and low core loss - all which are main features of FINEMET®. The characteristic degradation that may be caused by temperature rise is relatively small compared with the Co-based amorphous material and ferrite. These surge absorber cores have a good effect in preventing or reducing surge currents, including a reverse recovery current of diodes, a current surge that might occur on switching circuits or a surge current that occurs when a semiconductor switching element such as a power.

MICROLITE® Power Inductor / Normal Mode Choke Cores

The MICROLITE® Power Inductor/ Normal Mode Choke Cores use Fe-based amorphous materials of high saturation flux density and low core loss. Three types with permeability of 100, 245 and 270 are available.

They can be used in environments that are exposed to considerable vibrations and/or temperature change as smoothening or choke coils used in the audiovisual equipment for automobiles and instrument panels. In addition, they are suitable for manufacturing more compact coils with lower core loss.

ABSORSHIELD® Noise Suppression Sheet

The ABSORSHIELD® Noise Suppression Sheet is a compound of the FINEMET® powder and resin. It can be used over a wide frequency range of 100 MHz to 10 GHz. The sheet is thin, flexible and easy to install in your equipment, and is also halogen-free and incombustible (UL94V-O certification obtained). ABSORSHIELD® is suitable fro noise suppression of onboard electronic devices such as car navigation system.

FM Shield™ Magnetic Shielding Sheet

The FM Shield™ Magnetic Shielding Sheet consists of a FINEMET® ribbon sandwiched with PET films on both sides. The sheet is thin (0.12 mm thick), flexible and lightweight. It provides an excellent shielding effect for DC current and in a frequency range of several hundred kHz. It also features little characteristic deterioration alter cutting or bending and does not require heat treatment. This magnetic shielding sheet is suitable for use in such applications as magnetic field shielding for LCDs, the shielding of flexible PC board wiring and radiation-prevention in steel case.

"MS-AM series" Amorphous Magnetic Shielding Tapes

Amorphous magnetic shielding tapes

These thin (0.1 mm thick) and lightweight Amorphous Magnetic Shielding Tapes consist of a Co-based amorphous ribbon with a PET film on one face and a double-faced adhesive tape on the other. They are more flexible than FINEMET® magnetic shield tapes so that they can be easily wrapped around electric cords.

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