Materials & Products

We are the North American arm of the Tokyo-based Proterial. Although the US represents our main market concentration, we are shipping products worldwide based on the requests of our customers. Our main business lines are castings, steel-related products, magnetic products and electronic materials We have learned to combine proven American business practices and strategies with those of the Japanese business community.

This enables us to:

  • Offer exceptional products with outstanding service.
  • Seek market niches where our technological resources, uncompromising quality control and superior manufacturing techniques can make a difference.
  • Squeeze the costs out of a product.
  • Recognize that by growing the customer's business, we grow our own.
  • Make decisions for the long term.
  • Shift our strategic focus. In five years, we reversed our ratio of domestically manufactured goods to imported goods, to 70% - 30%.
  • Use technology to provide solutions to customers needs and problems.

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