Corporate Statement

Our Corporate Philosophy serves as the foundation for the activities of all our group employees. In reorganizing the Corporate Philosophy, we identified the core values that have been passed down within the company since its foundation, the mission we must fulfill, what we wish to become, and the values we hold dear.
Let us act according to the Corporate Philosophy in every aspect of our day-to-day work.


Make the best quality available to everyone

Striving for the highest standards in our original technologies, products, processes, and people, we will bring new levels of value to customers all around the world.


Leading sustainability by high performance

Through the creation of best-in-class materials, to be a company that solves individual customer issues and contributes to the prosperity and vitality of all.


Unfaltering Integrity

We earn the trust of our customers and other stakeholders by being honest and sincere in our daily activities and by understanding our obligation to the people and communities we serve.

United by Respect

Across our organization, we respect diversity and the free and independent exchange of opinions, learn from each other, and collaborate to achieve our common goal.



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