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Components and Materials Peripheral to the Drive Motor

"NMX Series" Nd-Fe-B Sintered Magnets

NMX Series Nd-Fe-B Sintered Magnets

Nd-Fe-B magnets with superior magnetic properties are used in the drive motors of hybrid and electric cars. We have a variety of products in our lineup including HILOP™*, a unique process that reduces residual oxygen by well forming in the magnetic field, and NEOMAX®, a dry, high-performance material including high-heat-resistant materials. These materials are selectable according to the operating environment and help maintain a normal temperature in the sever environment surrounding the engine system.

These magnets are suitable for the drive motors of hybrid and electric cars, as well as alternators, starter generators and power generators.

* HILOP™ (Proterial America Low Oxygen Process): The world first wet forming, mass-production system developed by Proterial America in 1995, or products produced using this process.

Double Phase Magnetic Materials

Double-phase magnetic materials have both ferromagnetic areas and nonmagnetic areas inside a single material. Their single-piece formation increases mechanical strength and reliability an, in combination with a magnet makes circuit design highly efficient. The maximum specific permeability is 100 µm at a strong magnetic area and 1.01 µm at a non-magnetic base type or the ferromagnetic base type.

Suitable applications include the cores of reluctance motors and motor generators for hybrid cars, electronic solenoid valves and electric power steering components to improve the operating efficiency of these equipment and devices.

Inverter Components and Materials

FINEMET® Nanocrystalline Soft Magnetic Material

FINEMET® Nanocrystalline Soft Magnetic Material

FINEMET® is a new type of Fe-based soft magnetic material. Previously, metal crystalline materials with larger crystal grains were thought to have better magnetic characteristics. Proterial America invented a completely new material in which extremely fine crystal grains (at around 10 nm) considerably raise the magnetic characteristics. This finding has overturned the prevailing belief. Proterial America named the material FINEMET. Taking advantage of high saturation flux density, high permeability, low core loss and low magnetostriction, the material helps to make various magnetic components for electronic devices lighter and increasingly compact, energy saving and low noise.

Metglas® Amorphous Soft Magnetic Material

Co-based amorphous soft magnetic material

The Co-based amorphous soft magnetic material with almost zero magnetostriction, high permeability and low core loss, is suitable for such applications as magnetic snubber cores to suppress surge current and magnetic shielding sheet.

Fe-based amorphous soft magnetic material.

The Fe-based amorphous soft magnetic material features high saturation flux density and lower core loss than that of conventional crystalline soft magnetic materials, such as silicon steel. This makes components more compact and lightweight and results in lower core loss in such applications as the choke coils used in DC-DC converters and the normal-mode choke coils for EMC filters.

"FM-VL series" Common Mode Choke Coils

These Common Mode Choke Coils make the most of the high permeability and stable temperature characteristics of FINEMET®. These choke coils are suitable for the line noise filters of various inverter devices, switching mode power supplies and signal lines. They feature strong noise suppression for a wide frequency range and small characteristic variations against temperature change, enabling smaller and lighter cock coils.

"FT-3KL F series" Zero-Phase Reactors (Common Mode Choke Cores)

These Zero-Phase Reactors also make the most of the high permeability and stable temperature characteristics of FINEMET®.
The zero-phase reactors are suitable for the radio noise and line noise filters of various inverter devices, switching mode power suppliers and signal lines.

MICROLITE® Power Inductor Cores

The MICORLITH® Power Inductor Cores use Fe-based amorphous materials of high saturation flux density and low core loss. Three types with permeability of 100, 245 and 270 are available. They can be used in environments that are exposed to considerable vibrations and/or temperature change as power inductors for the smoothing of various power supplies and voltage conversion of DC-DC converters. In addition, they are suitable for manufacturing more compact coils with lower core loss.

DC-DC Converter Components and Materials

A DC-DC converts DC voltage to ensure efficient delivery of voltage from batteries and/or fuel cells to various electrical components and drive inside a car. Higher efficiency, more energy conservation and compact size are strongly requested for DC-DC converters, requiring material manufactures to furnish more efficient materials with lower power loss.

Soft Ferrite

Various Soft Ferrite Products

Soft ferrite is an iron-oxide-based soft magnetic material. Different form FINEMET® and other soft magnetic materials such as amorphous, this material features high electrical resistance and outstanding magnetic properties in the high-frequency range although saturation magnetic flux density is slightly low.

Transformers for DC-DC Converters

These transformers are specially for DC-DC converters that convert DC voltage from a battery according to the needs for various electronic devices. Proterial America supplies high-performance transformers that efficiently conduct voltage conversion under severe car body environments against heat and vibration.

These transformers are also used for the lighting circuits of metal halide lamps.

Cut Cores for Power Choke (FINEMET® F3CC and Metglas® AMCC series POWERLITE®)

Compared with conventional silicon steel cut cores, these cut cores can largely reduce core loss. Two series of cut cores are available. One is POWERLITE®, which uses a Fe-based amorphous material that excels in superimposed DC characteristics due to high saturation flux density and is advantageous for compactness. The other is FINEMET® F3CC series, which features low audible noise and low core loss due to small magnetostriction. These cut cores are easily manufactured in large size, which makes them suitable for applications that require large output capacity, such as power chokes for pressurizing DC-DC converters to be used between a battery and an inverter.

The maximum continuous operating temperature is 155°C.

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