Hot Work Tool Steel

Proterial America offers three primary products designed to increase efficiency for Die Casting tooling applications for High Pressure Die Casting.

DAC P Premium H13

Meeting NADCA Class B, our DAC P has higher-than-required impact values and third party laboratory testing validations. Our DAC P Premium H13 is produced with our updated forging capacity to yield best reduction rates and therefore create high performance tooling with great resistance to heat checking in critical areas tooling. DAC P Benefits to Customer: Better performing dies with less maintenance.

DAC Magic

Meeting NADC Class C, our DAC Magic has high conductivity, high thermal diffusivity & very high impact toughness values with third party testing validations. DAC Magic is preferred grade by OEMS requiring extended life without repair and interrupted maintaining steps. DAC Magic Benefits to Customer: Better performing dies with less maintenance, especially on structural die casting applications.

Sialon Ceramic Shot Sleeves

Our unique technology or produce Sialon ceramics and ply to Die Casting applications for large casting applications. Our customer appreciate the heat retention, wear resistant and stability under extended press time for high temp (700C) castings.

Steel Block Processing

With our DIEHL Tool Steel (Proterial America subsidiary) operational capabilities in Cincinnati, Ohio, our DAC P and DAC Magic can be offered with six side milling surfaces within +/- .005 tolerances as we apply our Amada THV 100 duplex mill. All of our Die Casting blocks are FARO-ARM validated by dimensional report to meet exact tolerances required by our customers.

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