Cold Work Tool Steel

SLD-MAGICâ„¢ is the revolutionary next generation die steel attaining both extended mold life and outstandingly easy mold fabrication.


Improvement of Mold Lifespan

Scuffing Resistance Approximately 35% improvement of scuffing resistance at the maximum hardness 62HRC *
Surface Treatment Approximately 30% improvement of adherence to steel substrate by surface treatment such as CVD etc *

* Comparison against 8% Cr steel (SLD8)

Reduction of Mold Fabrication Expense

Heat Treatment Approximately 40% improvement of dimensional change with less distortion by heat treatment *
Machinability (Face Mill) Approximately 35% improvement *

* Comparison against 8% Cr steel (SLD8)

Comparison with Current Materials

Current Materials Comparison

Scuffing Resistance (Test result for High Tensile strength Steel)

Scuffing Resistance

Machinability of Face Mill


Comparison of dimensional change by heat treatment

Dimensional Change by Heat Treatment

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