Application Engineering

Application Engineering represents a particularly important area in which we strive to serve you better, literally working beside you on a design. We make permanent magnets in all materials and you can depend upon the most experienced and impartial advice available in the industry.

Application Engineering

Proterial America has application engineers available to help you create and modify a design and put it to work. They are the experts who bring all our research, technology, manufacturing, marketing and sales functions to bear on your particular needs. When you ask us to recommend a magnet, one of our application engineers will work with you to identify the best magnet, and will also fine tune it until you have the best possible solution.

Application Engineering Contact

To contact an application engineer, please call (847) 364-7200 ext. 8215.

Other services offered by Application Engineering

Finite & Boundary Element Analysis

Finite & Boundary Element Analysis 3
Finite & Boundary Element Analysis 2
Finite & Boundary Element Analysis 1
Finite & Boundary Element Analysis 4

In order to serve you even better our Application Engineers make use of both 2D and 3D Finite Element Analysis software to help you simulate and design your applications.

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